In a world where even our grandmothers have social media accounts, it is a must to be visible on the internet. This is even more important if you own a business or have plans to start one. As GuruDesk, we have gathered the most important points of digital marketing and give you tips on how you can integrate these methods to your business. Let’s start!

What is it?

Well, let’s say you plan on selling a product but you are new to the business with little savings. Is it wise to print out brochures that will cost you? The beauty of digital marketing is that it has no cost for starters and you can reach many people of your target audience in a much shorter time. Also your motivation to keep going which is seeing people becoming your customers will be more active than classical methods. In short, we can say that digital marketing is a way to promote your brand and products online and through other digital channels.

We all know the era of going to a store for a product and asking the sales associate questions about it are long gone. Well, let’s make you and your brand on trend and plan out a digital marketing strategy;

Website Marketing

Think of your website as it is your shop. You need a shop to be present and to sell, right? So, our first advice to you is to start a website which will reflect who you as a brand is. First impressions are always important, therefore building a website that tells your story effectively and present your brand to your visitors are important points you should consider and plan out before starting a website. For more details you can check out our post.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Now that you have set your website, it is time to make it visible and under hand to your potential customers. What we mean by this is that when a person from your target audience searches for a problem -and you have the solution- your website should come first in the search results. Also with the right SEO work done, you will drive organic traffic to your website which makes you come up in a higher rank in searches and get more visitors, therefore be noticed. As we have stated before, the goal of digital marketing is to attract your target audience and SEO plays an important role in doing that. Through making a keyword study and emphasizing them within your website content, you can reach those online who are likely to be interested in your products or services. For more information on SEO, visit our ……….. post where we have shared all the tips and tricks.

Content Marketing

Content is what makes you YOU. What we mean by this is that the language you use, the images you choose and every single platform in which you express yourself, is your identity. The first step to take here is to decide on your brands language and style. Are you an energetic lifestyle product? Or are you a babycare product with soft colors and language tone? Decide on who your brand/service/product is and then plan out your content. Another important point is to appeal to your target audience with your content. Think of their problems and express solutions in your content. Everything from blog posts to videos, from ad’s to podcasts are your content that should be created accordingly to your voice of tone and target audience. Do not mistake content for only written expressions, videos and infographics are also the matter of your content. 

To finish up, we must state that using all these methods together in an integrated way is the most beneficial approach for you to have. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask our Guru’s who are here to help 24/7!