What are dark posts?

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Now, whether you have heard of the term ‘dark posts’ or not, the moment you become aware of this term it makes us feel uneasy. The term might alarm you but as GuruDesk we are here to comfort you! In this blog post, we will be telling you all about what the term means and in fact how to make use of this term. Let’s start!

 What are dark posts?

 Although the term alarms you at first, it’s actually a really useful and effective method of increasing your organic traffic. Dark posts are posts that your users or visitors cannot see on their ordinary feed. These are targeted posts created especially to a specific audience. They are not posts to boost up your organic traffic and they don’t appear on timelines. These posts can be on all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Every platform has its own unique name for these posts, Facebook calls them ‘unpublished posts’. This is because as we have stated before, they are posts that don’t show on your timeline. They are shown only to a specific audience.


How are they useful?

 This is the part you should pay attention, because this may boost the quality of your traffic and even sales. Here are our tips on how you can use dark posts to your benefit;

  1.  Options for A/B Testing

Having a list of unpublished posts and a list of published posts makes it easy for you to run many tests and see which one works better for your website. With dark posts you can easily  experiment with the image, headline, call-to-action button, or body copy of your ad to see which headline and images work better.

If one of your headlines get more engagement or conversions (depending on your KPI’s), you’ve got a winner.

  1. Precise Targeting

 Before starting your business journey, surely you have defined the target audience you want to reach out to. Now, keeping this at hand, think of dark posts’ way of reaching out to precise people is much more to the point. Normally when you publish posts you reach out to general audiences differing in age, occupation and many more. But with dark posts you can specify even the job title of that specific group.

 Dark posts also give you the advantage to create posts specifically to a certain group. For example you can create ads and target them specifically to neurologists or math teachers. This strengthens your hand in the game for sure!

 Keeping these 2 very important uses in mind, as GuruDesk we advise you to consider creating dark posts for the sake of your business. And remember, if you have any questions our Guru’s are at your service 24/7!


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