Digital? Nomad? How? Well, in our advancing world there is nothing you come across that isn’t digital. Therefore, including nomads. In this context the phrase nomad summons joyful millennials that escape the daily grind to traveling the world, working with laptops in coffee shops or even sandy, hot beaches. Statistics show that there will be one billion nomads by the year 2035.

We all know this one person who dreams of having a job with a free workspace. They wish there werem’t any boundaries or restrictions, just the job they love and the working environment they desire. Who knows, maybe this person is you? The term Digital Nomad was first used in Berlin, Germany in 2015 at a conference called Digital Nomad Conference. Digital Nomads can carry out their paid jobs everywhere in any situation. They can hold Skype meetings in coffee shops and meet the deadlines on the beach. They are the ones who use every bit of blessing the digital era has given us today.

There are many reasons for becoming a digital nomad. While economy and time consumerism are the first that come to mind, mobbing and idle time spending at an office desk are also common reasons. In todays world people do not want to be chained down to strict office hours or bossy management. They want to invest in their own wellbeing and development. The city life is sucking the life and money out of the white-collar workers. We stop dreaming and become more depressed and feel trapped.

Well what do you need to be a digital nomad? Laptop, internet, tablet, cloud system, smartphones and ofcourse your soul. Choose a safe country that has good internet connections that you have wanted to visit. Make your arrangements, take your gadgets with you and go! All that is left is to keep up with your work schedule, get to know the culture and enjoy life.

Who can be a digital nomad?

Entrepeneurs, consultants and freelancers can be digital nomads.

Don’t close the page saying I’m non of the above; we made a list of jobs that can be a digital nomad.

  • Programmers
  • Art Directors
  • Digital Markers
  • Content writers / editors
  • Online teachers
  • Customer relations agencies
  • Sales specialists
  • Translators
  • Technical support specialists
  • Tourism agencies
  • Event planners

As we have stated, the key is to have connection and your bright mind. Even if you are not any of these, you can still find a way to convert your existing job to a nomadic lifestyle.

Don’t be late, dive in to the limitless experience pool of Digital Nomad lifestyle and taste the best of both worlds!